So how about some background on the services we provide here at G&A Custom Printing? 

We'd love to share!

We have multiple printing options here.

I like to think of these as tools of the trade!

Not sure which printing method you want to use?

No worries, that's our job to educate you and help you make the right choice!


This form of printing is mostly done on 100% cotton to 50/50 cotton/poly blends. This process is used mostly for printing pictures/photos and logos that have many colors such as fading & shading. This would be a great alternative to the traditional screen printing process. Unlike screen printing, which is generally priced by the number of colors in your design; this is priced by the amount of ink that is laid down. All colors excluding white, will be pretreated with a safe, non-harmful spray that helps lock the colors in for vibrancy & quality! We ask that you wash in cold water prior to wearing.


Most people are familiar with this traditional process. This is a great way to go if you have a large quantity, 1-4 color design that you want on different pieces of apparel and will last through 60+ washes before any visible deterioration. Contact us for our price sheet!


Oki is a brand of printer. This is another great tool G&A Custom Printing has to accommodate those smaller jobs that have several colors & a quick turnaround. Although the longevity isn't as high as screen printing or the DTG method, follow your care instructions & it will last 20-30 washes! Wash cold, inside out, low to no heat.


These 3 materials are cut for many options! G&A Custom Printing has a ton of in stock colors & patterns to choose from! These are so fun & make customizing your logo super creative! Sparkle, Shine & Bling!


We can embroidery pretty much anything! We pride ourselves in professional grade digitizing! We test all our logos first before stitching them on your apparel. Do you have employees who need affordable dress shirts with your embroidered logo? We can do it! Polos, coats, blankets, bags, hats, stadium seats and much more! 


This process is done on 100% polyester to 50/50 cotton/poly blends. Again, another great printing tool for multiple colors & longevity! And we love to do our can koozies with this printing method! If it has been pretreated with a safe, non-harmful spray, we ask that you wash prior to wearing. 


We recommend washing your custom apparel from the standards & guidelines we were given from the printing methods of the manufacturer. We have also done many in-house wash tests. When you get a custom shirt, that means you have custom washing instructions. If you want your apparel to last, we recommend you follow our guidelines. Most everything should be washed inside out, cold water & low to no heat. Glitter vinyl should be washed right-side out, with no delicates. Because of its texture, it may cause pilling or rough up other garments it's being washed with. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!


Just ask us!

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